On journalism

Media Effect Theories

  1. Agenda-setting
  2. Framing
  3. Uses and Gratification
  4. Hypodermic Needle/ Magic Bullet
  5. Cultivation Theory
  6. Social Learning Theory 
  7. Cognitive Dissonance
  8. Selective Exposure
  9. Third Person Effect
  10. Diffusion of innovation
  11. Early mass communication
  12. Two-step Flow Theory

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Enterprise Journalism

  • Enterprise reporting explores forces shaping events.
  • Enterprise stories delve deep into why and how.
  •  Enterprise story needs at least one written source or document.
  • No anonymous sources
  • Talk to all sides
  • Use as many as sources to tell the story.

Investigative Journalism

 Generating story ideas  

  • Your own experience
  • Experience of friends and family
  • roadside radio/radio trottoir
  • local newspaper
  • Following unpublished stories
  • Reading and surfing the web
  • Checking public information and
  • Tip-offs

From idea to hypothesis

Making research plan

  • listing sources
  • criteria of adequacy of proof
  • methodology
  • constructing a timeline
  • constructing a budget