Why North Korea should go into War?

The United Stated of America is flexing its military mussels soon after the World War 2 and there were many countries in which the USA intervened in illegally in the name of national security. The latest one was in Syria where the USA filed a total of 59 cruse missile breaching international law. And the USA did it once again in the name of its national security.

The USA did not wait for a proper investigation into the alleged chemical attack and putting all the allegations on the Assad regime, the USA launched surprise attack on a military installment in Syria. There is the supreme body, United Nations Security Council, which is supposed to do everything if Assad Government does anything at all. But USA did not care about it.

In the South Asian region, Pakistan and India test missiles at their will, but we have never seen the USA to rebuke them for their missile tests. When North Korea tests missiles, USA becomes aware of it and it feels insecurity. USA has intervened in many countries only to show its power and it is behind many killing many lives. Now the USA should stop killing innocent people in the name of its national security.

North Korea know well about the invading mentality of USA and for this reason. The country has became more alert about USA. If USA keeps doing provocative actions, North Korea should not sit idle.

China is not supporting North Korea nowadays after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting with US President Donald Trump in USA recently. Right now China and Russia should help North Korea to kick off USA.